S211 N/S front lights not working

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Nov 4, 2023
2008 S211 220D
My 2008 S211 (W211 Estate E220CDI) has a problem which was intermittent at first but is now permanent. All nearside front lights have stopped working: headlight, blinkers, fog light.

I checked the codes with my Mucar CDL20 and it says there aren't any codes, which I think is strange. When I first bought the car 4 months ago, there was a problem with the rear lights for which there was a message in the dash so I'm a bit puzzled why it doesn't report anything with the whole light cluster not working. I also slightly suspect the car to have some hidden history as the wheel bearing and suspension on that corner was gone when I bought it. I had it repaired by a trusted mechanic and he didn't mention it being dodgy and when I look under the hood to all the fixtures it seems to be original...

I'm going to try some earth connectors, in the meantime I would appreciate some pointers about where else to search.
It appears to be a faulty earth somewhere in the passenger footwell; I just fiddled with the wires there and it came back on for a bit. Now I need to find out how to remove the plastic trim such that it will go back properly again...

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