s212 350cdi 4matic fuel consumption

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Mar 31, 2024
e350cdi 4matic Tmodel
Hi guys, can anyone please help me with their experience on fuel consumtion. I have e350cdi s model 4matic 7g 2015 with adblue and on motorways my car is doing 33mpg on 70mph. Is it normal ?... i think is a little bit high. What is your opinion, i checked my dpf stats and all seems to be ok.
Doesn’t sound very good to me , my older W211 would be 40’s .
What should the car be doing according to the manual ?
Is your thermostat reading correctly?
Yes all is fine dpf is not cloged, 5-7mb at idle, injectors ok , i dont know what to look for...
Yes all is fine dpf is not cloged, 5-7mb at idle, injectors ok , i dont know what to look for...
What is the thermostat reading when fully warmed up? It should be around 88 to 90 Deg and C

Are you taking the reading from the on board computer or from a brim to brim fill, also did you reset the fuel consumption reading?
I think my temperature is 95c when warm . i tested my fuel consumption brim to brim , my computer reads the fuel consumption verry well.
I have an older S320 CDI with almost 167k on it and motorway is c. 40mpg. So would expect yours to be able to better that. However, my 2008 ML 320 which is approx the same weight and same engine, albeit a box with 4 wheel drive struggles to get to 28-29 on the motorway so the 4WD must hurt some?
I notice you are in Germany, what is your set cruise speed for MPG testing?
I've got a 2012ModelYear 265bhp E350CDI. Not 4matic, so that will make a bit of a difference.

Long runs, e.g. 50-100 miles I get about:

55mpg at 70mph

60mpg at 65mph

64mpg at an indicated 58-59 mph (just set to stick in lane 1 and keep ahead of trucks with virtually no overtaking

75mpg drafting trucks from about 2 second rule distance for miles and basically not braking and using every hyper-miler's trick in the book.

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