S212 (E-Class Wagon) "Right Dipped Beam" warning message on dash

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Apr 9, 2021
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Morning all,

Long time reader, first time poster. How are you doing ?

2013 E350 Bluetec Estate AMG Sport trim (Face Lift)

"Right Dipped Beam" warning message on dash. Appeared whilst driving. Right hand dipped light no longer works. Every thing else in the light works. Indicators, LED Strip, Main Beam.

My car has part LED lights, so its LED dipped beam, and halogen main beam. No ILS etc. Here is a picture of the light:


I may of caused this issue myself (Doh!) whilst adjusting the level of the lights. They were pointing too low, so I raised both sides by using the hex screw adjusted onto of each unit. All worked perfectly until a few days later the above message appeared on the dash and the right dipped beam no longer works. Coincidence ?

Investigations so far:

I do as much maintenance on the car as possible (servicing/brakes/suspension etc) so I'm relatively handy with a spanner. Of course its not as simple as just changing a light bulb (where's the fun in that ?!) I wanted to swap the bulbs to see if the issue followed the bulb, but there is no bulb from what I can see.

I have scanned the car using my iCarsoft v3.0 scanner (I'm just DIY so I don't have access to Star) and was presented with the following fault "State Current and Historic, The Output For The Low Beam Has A Malfunction. There Is A Short To Ground" not the most helpful message. The scanner also shows there is voltage getting to the unit, which I would expect as all the other lights in the headlight unit works.


I thought I would start taking stuff apart. I've taken off the wheel and wheel arch liner, and accessed the back of the light.

Access Panel (from within wheel arch):


I have taken off an access panel to the light to check if there was a bulb within the unit and I'm presented with this !


Apparently, its a fan for the light. I tried to remove this, to possibly a bulb, but failed as one of the screws is a 5 star bit, which I don't have.

I have read a about issues with light ballast which I think is a control unit for the light. I looked at the ballast under the light, and it looks fairly corroded. Here it is:


So, I'm thinking of changing the control unit with a new one. I understand these may need to be coded ?

My next port of call was to remove the light from the car, remove the control unit and inspect it further - cleaned it up etc.

I would greatly appreciate any suggestions, or if anyone else has experienced a similar problem it would be great to hear your experience. I do have a local merc specialist that I use to so stuff I cant do (gearbox service etc) so I can take the car to him, but to save on costs I wanted to do as much as I can myself.

Thanks very much in advance !!
Thanks very much for your reply and help Larkone. I have seen that article, and unfortunately it didn't really cover my scenario.

I'm going to take out the headlight unit when its stopped raining, so I can have a proper look at it. I then plan on removing the ballast/control unit and cleaning it up, and possibly undoing the case on it to have a look at the circuit to check for corrosion.

I'll report back on how I get on. I imagine I'll do all that, admit defeat and then take it to the merc specialist round the corner !
Just thought the list of possible issues might help
Just thought i would post an update, as it may help others. I’m sure you’re all chomping at the bit.

I took the car to my local MB indy specialist. The fault has been diagnosed as an issue with the light control unit (shown in the above pictures)

I have a replacement on order.

I will post back when it has been fitted/the light is working again.

Hopefully that will help others in the future.
Thanks very much for your reply and help Larkone. I have seen that article, and unfortunately it didn't really cover my scenario.
So the Hella guide did cover your issue - failed control unit
Didnt have the same symptoms Larkone, but thank you again for posting it.

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