S213 4Matic Driveline clunk @ slow speeds

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Oct 23, 2014
Wonder if anyone has any ideas on this issue which is starting to get worse. 2018 E Class estate E220d 4Matic. So iv developed a clunk which is noticeable more at low speed line 4-18mph. It feels like it's coming from under the car or to the rear, it's rotational in nature in that it you can hear and feel it clunk on every rotation of the driveline.

To me it feels driveline related like either a gearbox, differential or prop shaft related. Almost like the parking pawl catching onn an older auto if you put it into park without coming to a full stop.

Doesn't appear immediately but within a mile or two of warming up. Have to turn radio down to hear it externally but it's there. Can also feel it through the steering wheel to a degree and through time bum cheeks.

Happens especially at low speed and happens in any gear and at any steering angle. Most noticeable below 200mph in second gear. Is less obvious if you shift it to neutral on the move but it's still there.

This one has me stumped. No error codes on icarsoft and car drives fine otherwise.

Month left of approved used warranty so I'd like to get it sorted.
Quick bump. It's definitely got worse over the past week and is really making a good thud when decelerating at low speeds from 15mph to 0. Booked into Merc second week in June to investigate. Personal I think either universal joint or the diff itself. Possibly a driveshaft but I doubt it.
Ok so update on this after a visit to the main dealer it's been confirmed as a failing rear diff. I knew this was a common issue on A35's but not on a 4Matic E Class. £5-£7k to fix but luckily covered under extended warranty. Iv got a feeling previous owner didn't follow the 4Matic tyre regime.

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