S320 CDI 07, recon turbo, blocked fuel injector

Discussion in 'Engine' started by Oteda, Sep 3, 2011.

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    Sep 3, 2011
    I recently purchased the above mentioned vehicle and I hope you gentlemen could give me some insight or just some moral support that this car will be on the road and amazing to drive once its out of the garage! I know it will it has just been a little hectic and stressful.

    The car was giving off white smoke, and we knew the turbo was going. So we had it reconditioned and it was still giving off white smoke, so the mercedes diagnostic report indicated the fuel injector is blocked. So it is now with a diesel specialist whom I hope to God will unblock it and no need for a new injector! And I hope the turbo is ok and we don't have to send it back to the repairers (its under warranty).

    At the moment the diesel specialist is waiting to hear from Merc to tell them the exact specifications of the fuel injector blockage to make the job easier and cheaper for me, however its been 2 days and they have not called! So I'm hoping on Monday I will have my answers.

    Anybody else have these problems only to have them resolved to drive an amazing vehicle??

    I have a few other minor issues that are niggling in the back of my mind but I will leave it like this for now. I want to have the car first! :)

    Thanks in advance, I will post updates here.
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