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Nov 24, 2010
North Yorks
W220 S500 V8
Hi All,

A brief intro...

I am currently looking to take advantage of the excellent prices available for late W220s.

I am seriously considering an S500, '04 plate, or an S320CDI 55 plate.

Tempted by the power and luxury of the V8, and the economy and warranty of the diesel.

Anyone who can give me clear advice on the two, feel free, but I may be jumping in with both feet very soon :eek:

I currently do not do massive miles (12000 ish), but this may change over the coming few years (I hope to keep this car long term).

Currently run a Mondeo TDCI, which is an excellent car, very cheap to run and does all anyone needs, apart from come with the MB star :D

If my mileage does increase, and I have gone for the V8, I would (have to) consider an LPG conversion.

Feel free to comment on any of the above, post abuse etc.

Hi Andy, and welcome. I can't tell you much about Mercs as I have mine first one since september but I can tell you one thing. Please If you decide to buy S500 which is petrol engine..do NOT even consider LPG. Yes I know it's cheap to run but in thate case you'll kill the S500 as it is. I'm not saying that something will happend to it...no...well..eventually...but ok..there is a saying...You Dont Buy a Monkey When You Can't Offer To buy Bananas. Please do not take this bad, it's just my personal opinion. I have seen some pics of AMG ML with LPG I think. You don't whant to hear my opinion on that :)

and again to Andy and all the members...please don't take my opinions bad...thanks
Hi Andy Welcome to the forum
I think if I did 12k miles a year I'd opt for the S320CDI the V8 is wonderful but at 15 to 18 to the gallon if can get steep on fuel costs. Also which ever one you choose make sure all the electrical goodies are working perfectly as repairs can be expensive
Drive both. Do the sums and make the call.

Nothing in diesel form comes close to a V8 for the pure pleasure of driving it.
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