S500L Modifications and upgrades

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Deane x

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Sep 1, 2014
Dovercourt , harwich
C350e S205 2016
Thought I would start a thread on the mods I have done on my S500L W220 and other mods as I go a long ,,so first I have changed all interior bulbs to blue led, I have changed rear lights from two white stripe lights to 4 white stripe lights ,which IMO gives it a mean look , next is putting on amg look quad exhaust tips , there ordered just waiting on delivery , any one thinking of doing any of these mods let me know as I can help them in any way I can :thumb:
Bought a couple of things from that seller... both were good quality and delivered quickly...
ForumRunner_20141002_143055.jpg AMG look quad exhaust tips


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That looks ok to be honest, I've seen some which look awful because you can't see the backbox!
Glad you like it , I am well happy with it ,I think with the new lights and quad exhaust it looks more sporty and less old man :D
Looks awesome Deane ;)

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