Saab Air Apparent?

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Jun 22, 2003
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I like older Saabs (80's and early 90's) they are refreshingly different and still look good now, not sure about this one, it reminds me of an 80's speed boat - which is probably a good thing :)



ps couldn't find an image of the exact boat I had in mind...
I have to say this particular glastron jet boat is my favourite. Although the toy boat I had was black.

You could tentatively connect Jet's with SAAB, i s'pose.

And I would guess a Jet boat is about as connected to SAABs and SAAB planes are.

Something tells me SAAB planes have volvo engines too. which also go in boats.

I am just trying to get the 6 degrees round to Vauxhall really.
interestingly they don't mention SAAB in the words!
Probably mentioning that a SAAB manufactured jet fighter has a VOLVO built engine is regarded as heresy in the hallowed corridors of GM and FORD despite the fact they don't own these manufacturing divisions. Its the thought that counts! ;) The next thing will be people saying SAABs have Fiat diesel engines and Volvos have engines designed by Peugeot. :crazy: Its a bit like saying some Mercedes engines were designed by the Japanese! What is the world coming to!:rolleyes:
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I like the fact that Porsche still use VW parts and Fiat build a sports car called Ferrari!

Porsche gearboxes come from Mercedes. Mercedes repair their units and Porsche throws them away.

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