Saab rescue latest from sweden.

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A long shot might be a merger with Volvo which just might mean they both survive?

If Ford manage to offload them that is. I think that a merger of Volvo and Saab is about as likely a hell freezing over though.
I think you are right about a long death or a quick one though, its the same thing with our government and LDV vans in my view. If they are on the verge of going under what good is a short term loan going to make, it seems its just throwing good money after bad.
I see that Land Rover/Jaguar have been given a loan of nearly £30m from our government and over 10 times that from the European investment bank(to develop "green vehicles"). My worry is that if people can't afford a £30k car now how are they going to afford a £30k+ "green" car.
That said I hope that at least some car companies manage to survive here in the UK and not simply as assembly plants. Given that I work as a product designer mainly in automotive design I would like(need) to carry on working for a few years yet

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