Sad news

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Sad news; my sincerest condolences and so sorry for your loss. Thanks for letting everyone know.
Sorry to hear about Terry Janet , Sad news.
So sorry to hear about this :(
Really sorry to hear this Janet. Bless you and your family.
RIP Terry, sad to hear your loss Janet
So sad to hear that we have lost another member to cancer. I am currently in remission at the moment thanks to the team at the Christie Hospital, to hear that another person has lost theirs really humbles me.
Very sad to hear of Terry's passing. My condolences to you Janet and all of your family.

RIP Terry
Sorry to hear this. Thoughts are with you at this time.

RIP Terry
So sorry to hear of this. I wish you and your family strength and resolve.
Very sad news. Best wishes... :(
Thoughts to you and your family at this upsetting time. Rest in peace Terry.
So sorry to hear this, Terry was a great guy and will be truly missed. :(
Sincere condolences on your loss
So sorry for your loss.

Best wishes.

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