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Couple of months ago I managed to enable the facility whereby clicking on a URL on an open page doesn't delete the original (page) but transfers it to a tab on the task bar. After the latest update that has reverted to losing the original page...GGRRRR..why do they do this?! :wallbash:

For the life of me I can't find what it was that I did previously to enable this.

This on an iMac 27 on Sierra (I think :dk:)


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CMD-click opens link in a new tab
CMD-Shift-click opens link in new active tab
Thanks. What I'm seeking is somewhere on the top apple task bar is a settable command that does this automatically. So...if I click on an embedded linky the hosting page whooshes off to the bottom (or in my case side) bar where all the Launchpad and Finder icons reside and from where it can be clicked and re-opened. Which is what it did do until last nights upgrade restart. What's happening now is the linky is opening but on clicking that off the original page has gone.

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Clicking a link in any browser on any operating system opens it replacing your current page (the one where you clicked the link).

You've always got to perform a 2nd action to tell it to open it in a new tab. As said CMD + Click for a new tab, hold shift too to switch to it at the same time.

Your mouse wheel might click downwards which should open in a new tab too.

PS. If you right click on your Dock, and hit Dock preferences (or System Preferences > Dock) there's options you might like to play with like changing the Genie effect (The swoosh) into a more simple scale effect and also I like to have windows minimise into their application icon, rather than stacking up on the right.

There are options in Safari Preferences (Click Safari top left, Preferences) for tab behaviour if it's not to your liking.

Here's some more info:

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