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Dec 22, 2010
Hi everyone,

Sadly the time has come to part with my R129 300SL-24, I always new I wouldn't have it too long, however it has been my dream car since my friends mum picked him up from primary school in her brand new one in 1992. But sadly my midlife crisis is over and apparently "its not a practical family car, where would the baby seat go Richard?".

So she must, reluctantly go up for sale. (sadly I do mean the car)

I don't really know what to put her up for sale for, ideally i would like £1m but we all know that is not realistic.
The car, mechanically is super sound, it has been serviced regularly, never going longer than 1yr or 3k miles without one in its life time its covered 137k. Recently I replaced the cooling system and brake master cylinder. The roof works a treat and has never let me down.
I have covered circa 2k miles in it, and has rarely been out in the rain, covered for most of the winter.
like most 31 year old cars, cosmetically it is a little tired, but it wouldn't take too much for a new enthusiastic owner to revive to its former glory. The roof colour sadly does not match the car, however it isn't a great expense to sort that, I've not seen the point as knew I wouldn't keep for too long and the roof is rarely on the car anyway.

I have had a look on both eBay and Autotrader, and there do not seem to be any other 300sl-24 available in the UK, for me to gauge a price against.

So people, what do you suggest is fair market price?


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It's not a low-mileage minter Garage Queen, so it's not worth a fortune (though it looks pretty good in the pictures you've posted). but R129 prices are rising. I assume a 500 would fetch a bit more, so I'd put it on Ebay, with a reserve of, say, what a similar age and condition SL500 has sold for, plus 10%. The most you could lose is the listing fee, what it bids to is what it's actually worth, and you never know, somebody might bid the reserve.
Here’s a sold price as a reference. There are plenty of others on there.

For sale adverts aren’t much help. Classified Ad sales is all about taking money from over optimistic owners. An advertised price is no guide of what anything will sell for.

And there just about to sell a lower mileage (89k) . 500SL that belonged to Stirling Moss

Estimate is £12k

When the SL shop offers an immaculate nautic blue car on half the mileage for £15k, with warranty

That points towards more like £5k for yours, depending on condition, provenance and service history


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