Salon Privé - 2011 showcase looks awesome

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The Boss

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Dec 10, 2008
Gents.. went over to Syon House today, and what a shock i was in for.

There was I intending on doing some wedding planning, and instead, i was confronted by over 50 of what i regard as the rarest, most expensive cars on the planet.

New Aventadors, New Gallardos, New Bentley Mulsanne, Multiple Jags, Multiple Ghosts, Mutiple M3s in funky colours, Lotus sports, and old replica racing cars..

damnnnn is all i can say

Salon Privé : The Luxury and Supercar Show

check it out

ticket details - Salon Privé : The Luxury and Super Car Event & Concours d'Elégance

at those prices, if you go, just make sure you enjoy yourself eh!! ;)
ps - Mercedes-Benz are not on the car list, and i did not see any there, but there is a new Maybach there if anyone is interested lol
As you say.....ticket prices a bit strong for me but I am available as a corporate guest !!!***???


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