Sand Dust levels in London area

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Dec 23, 2012
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Hi, is it me or are increasing ?

It dont seems to matter if its raining or not the sand/dust deposits are getting worse and its really abrasive too.

I have 3 black vans out the back of the yard they were cleaned 2 days ago and now there's a thick pile of dust on them.

A yellow green and black particle mixture covers everything here :( and I cant find anything to make it easier to get off without completely washing them again.
I noticed sand on the windscreen and over the patio table the other day, up here in Glasgow we seldom get that.

Not just your imagination. Seems to be more prevalent lately.
I have the same feeling too...
No they're getting worse, with an increase in camels as well
Similar in my area maybe not as bad as you guys. Was thinking would a detailing spray work?
I hadn't noticed anything, not like we had a couple of months ago. My car is as dirty today as it was when I got back from Devon on Sunday. Well, not dirty, a little mud splash from a farm track puddle, but otherwise the silver is still silver with no noticeable layer of dust/sand.
Well cleaned off yesterday and again its back another thick coating of sand/dust.

This stuff going in our lungs too :(

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Yup - same here - had to wash the car today for fear it will get embeded in the paint. Luckily it washed of.
same in Derbyshire/Notts a fine sand over everyones cars, really noticeable on darker colours

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