Santa came today.... my C350e got delivered

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RS Lozworth

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Sep 23, 2015
C350e / Ford Escort Cosworth / Peugeot 306 Track Car
Merry Christmas to me :bannana:

Thoughts ?

I've just driven 40 miles in it to the office and I love it! only had it with the engine on as battery's were at 9% when I got delivered. Computer system is great, loads of torque and I haven't really put my foot down yet.
Congratulations, now just enjoy :)

Please tell us about your drive home, how different was it ?
Enjoy the new toy , looks great , and pretty great condition for a 03 as stated by killerhretz ;)
Lovely colour, suspect that 80% of us have plumped for it :)

Congrats, looking forward to flooring mine to see what real world performance is like.
As about-That's a really sexy colour....Have fun and enjoy
Looks amazing. I'm sure it'll be well worth the wait.

I thought the only saloon model available in Brillant Blue was the AMG?


Looks great, enjoy...
Look forward to hearing your feedback too.
Insanely jealous, wonderful car! I was going to trade in my 2015 c220 for a c350e but was told I'd be waiting till April!
I've now covered 350 miles since yesterday morning, car is incredible! such a pleasure to drive and goes like an absolute rocket, or nice and smooth and economic. As a very high mileage user the only issue I'm going to have is the amount of time I will have to fill up as the tank is only 50 litres but the reason I have the car is for Bik reasons so the regular fill ups are a small price to pay.

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