Santa Pod RWYB

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Anyone up for Santa Pod this Sunday, May 1st?
I might not be able to make the 1st Alex, Im staying in Guildford to see family after Goodwood and probably wont be coming home untill midday.
Well done - how fast were the bikes:eek:

Nothing can get anywhere near the bikes without emptying very deep pockets.

I did a 9.8 @148mph first time on a drag strip on a totally stock motorcycle that I bought for a mere £2000. :eek:
im well into cosworths and have one as well as my c36 amg and once see the scs harvy gibbs 700bhp escort do 10.4 with a terminal of 142 mph that was with a to 60 time of 2.6 seconds and a to 100 time of 5.5 seconds now thats fast lol
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i remember steve green in his red mk1 cortina doing 9 second passes back in the 90's, but it did have a full race v8 tvr engine in it, in fact seems like he is still doin it, but changed the coulour scheem;

Steve Green`s Mental Mk1 Cortina @ santa pod

wish i had all the old photos from then, i also remember a white pro street ford sierra loosin it and rollin down the track, all well and not hurt, but the car was wrecked!

also the 'black mass' marina with the 7 liter hemi engine in it, down in low nines... seems like it evolved into this

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those were the days, fell in love with a 65 mustang in metallic grey with 'american hearbeat' written down the side in pink neon (very eighties, but i loved it), got a tear in my eye thinkin back to it...

alos saw a hotrod with a jensen interceptor engine in it, the guy used a huge sponge as a choke to fire it up and it was LOUD...
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