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May 5, 2017
Does anyone know if there is an aftermarket Sat Nav available to fit a 2011 pre facelift W204 c class.
Just wondering, if there is anything available.
1. There's plenty of Android devices available on eBay. Just search on eBay for Android and W204, then ignore those made for the facelift model.

Or this one from Amazon:

Though unfortunately I can't say if these are any good - they are Chinese made and mostly not branded, and there are stories of overheating Android units in W204.

2. Alternatively you could opt for a branded unit e.g. Kenwood/Pioneer/Alpine etc, but these won't be cheap. You can check what's available with forum sponsor Comand Online

3. Comand Online will also be able to advise re MB COMAND NTG4 retrofit options (assuming your car does not already have COMAND factory-fitted).
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Thanks for the replies, Markjay I have the Audio 20 unit.
Vulture, that unit looks OK.

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