Sat Nav how to switch off mid journey?

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Aug 1, 2021
C220 CDI
Hi All,
Last night I decided to set sat nav destination before a journey the following day. I (stupidy) activated guidance which continued through a couple of short trips that evening - annoying but not life threatening! No matter what I try I cannot turn off guidance. I assume once I have completed my journey today it will stop - but there has to be an alternative!!!

Thanks Barrie
C220 SE CDI (2013) Becker sat nav
It's been a long time since I had my BMP, so I don't remember the menu sequence, but you can try using Linguatronic to cancel route guidance... or unplug the BMP module from the glove compartment which should reset it, then plug it back in. Also, you can ensure that you have the latest firmware (free download from the BMP website, but requires online registration). Someone else might be able to confirm the correct menu sequence for stopping route guidance.
I had a Becker unit and found it to be rubbish. So difficult to use and map updates cost a fortune so I sold it on ebay and bought a new TomTom Go 620 for the same price that I sold the Becker for. Free updates for life and much easier to use, A better system all round.
I have never had a Becker unit but on all my Mercedes cars just using Linguatronic and saying cancel route guidance has always worked for me.

Good luck

From the main menu try the C button that is just to the right of the rotary control

Old thread though. If he’s not turned it off by now he’ll have gone mad!

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