Sat NAV Update

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Jul 24, 2022
2013 Mercedes C180
I have a 2013 C180 which I have had for a few years. At the weekend I tried to updated the Sat NAV maps. I have the Becker unit and finally got it connected to laptop and connected to the software. It did the backup and register ok but when it was updating the firmware it just froze and told me I needed to press the reset button. No the unit wont connect to my laptop and when I plug it back into the car the NAV is not available.

Has anyone come across this before? Is the unit now bricked? Is it worth me taking to the local Mercedes dealership or should I buy a new unit? I have seen some on ebay for around £160 with latest maps. Is it worth getting one of these?

Thanks for any help
Replace it with a k-tech CarPlay module and use your phone for navigation ! (assuming you have an iPhone ..)

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