Scanning Thermal Paper

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Mar 29, 2005
London, NW
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Went for 2nd scan of the new addition to the family.. which is due later this year.

The nice people at the hospital gave us a picture of the ultrasound scan. I'm guessing the paper is some kind of thermal paper, and i noticed big signs around the ward telling us that laminating will "destroy" the picture.

However, is it possible to scan the picture without causing any kind of damage ??

Hope someone can help :)
scanning and photocopying should be fine as I can only think it's the heat involved with laminating that would cause a prob. Could you give them a call and clarify with them?
Pammy & Sym .... thank you..

i think the wife will be surprised.. and happy when i get it scanned later tonight.

That should keep the picture preserved for a life time :D
I would take a photo first, various, digital preferably and check what you've got.

Scanning should be ok but there is sometimes a lot of heat from the scanning lamp which could knacker the original image, thermal paper an'all. Not immediatly perhaps but after a couple of attempts if you haven't got a good copy yet.

PS - dont try this on the original baby when he/she arrives - use digital :D
grasmere said:
PS - dont try this on the original baby when he/she arrives - use digital :D

LOL i had to show my wife that last comment and her reply was "you'll be sleeping in the garage if I find any of my children on that scanner!" :crazy:

Taking digital pics is a good idea... never thought of that. I guess trial and error is the name of the game.. without destroying the original :rolleyes: thanks again! :D

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