schematic diagram w202 v6 c240

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Jun 30, 2014
Has any one out their in www have a schematic diagram of the wiring loom for the engine I understand that the c280 motor wiring loom is identical.Please gents.
Getting an engine wiring diagram for the M112 engine might be difficult without access to the proper Mercedes WIS system. By this time engine wiring had got so complicated that the diagrams tend to be divided into "functional blocks" depending on which engine system is being described so there isn't "one" engine wiring diagram.
you could try downloading [ its slow!] this workshop manual for the Chrysler Crossfire as it uses the basically the same engine. Don't know if it will answer your questions or not??
Thanks gents, the drawing indicates 3 coil packs whereas my car is a V6 with 12 plugs and each cylinder has it own coil pack. Thanksfor the effort.

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