ScoobyNetters definition of MB drivers

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Dec 21, 2003
They are running a thread over on ScoobyNet, where you have to provide a 1-word description that portrays the drivers of all the main car manufacturers. Below is the list of all the words (so far) for us MB drivers.

  • Snobbish
  • tw*t
  • Could not afford a Bently
  • dull. AMG=masterrace
  • bugged
  • taxi driver
  • conservative
  • classy
  • Insecure
  • Conservative
  • german diving hazzard
  • No gambler
  • I'm a middle class person (even though my family is weathly)
  • Classy
  • I'm upper class
  • moron

Subaru's…… As seen on every rough council estate!

Well, thats what I would expect from your usual Burberry Basball Capped, Max Power buying (looking at the pictures only because most of them can't read), Subaru driver!
Subaru's – bought by people who want a performance car but can't afford a properly made one.
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I have to say, I really was impressed with those "1-word descriptions"; especially 4th from the bottom.
One word descriptions… doh!

simonl said:
I have to say, I really was impressed with those "1-word descriptions";

See what I mean, they can't count either!
We have had some previous banter with the scoobynet guys, which was kept very pleasant and didn't turn into a flame war, I think they are good guys, but excitable!

Those are the stereotypical definitions of a Merc driver, you cant argue, that's that.

What we know different is that we are NOT the stereotypical drivers, well I'm not anyway.

I even posted some pics on their forum as I had some good scoobs from our recent Nurburgring visit :D

Please dont start slating any cars - I have considered owning a WRX myself, I know we have member s that read Scoobynet and a few from there that read here too.
Oh, don't worry - I'm not slating them in any way at all.

I myself was on the verge of buying a 5-door turbo before I happened upon the merc - hence my Scoobynet membership. If anything I probably spend more time there than here.

I was just highlighting their survey - no more than that.

What is more interesting is their own '1-worders' (using the term loosely) of Subaru drivers ....

  • Idiotic
  • fun
  • Cool, very cool
  • XR3
  • crap_at_driving_so_they_need_4x4
  • knowing
  • god
  • Burberry
  • Technogeek
  • cantaffordanevo
  • god made cars for this reason
  • Ugly/plastic
  • My car is better than yours 'cos its 4wd and won rally's
  • Pure power
  • I'm a part-time rally driver
  • god like

I have to say I find the Scoobynetters a great and fun bunch of guys and gals.

I live on many forums [Alfa (2), Ford, Lancia, Porsche, TVR and of course PistonHeads], and as Graham said it's very stereotypical.

Day to day I find it's quite the opposite, and I do have to say that whenever an MB question comes up on one of those site - I only ever tell them to come here, no-where else !

At the end of the day it's all friendly banter - no more. I don't believe in those absurd us/them arguments - silly and a waste of time.

EXCEPT of course for the Silver/Colour discussion - now that is REAL .... (only joking - honest).

Takes me back to the old days when we used to the SNES and Megadrive, etc ... and in every magazine at the time - all the arguments ever were was "my console is better than yours".

BORING - change the record.

Except of course for the silver/colour argument.

Have I mentioned that I think the Colours won?:devil:

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Another word/phrase for Mercedes drivers is 'ex-scooby_driver' :D .

I had an RB5 :devil: (no. 100), which I p/exed for a Forester turbo :D which I p/exed for a Merc :) (ML). Even went on an Essex Police skid pan day with them (Scooby owners club):devil:. It was great fun (and educational).

It's all down to personal preference and circumstance :cool:.


Suggestion of class war or what? No place for them in the Tony Blair classless utopia. And how can you take seriously anybody whose car name backwards reads: U R A BUS

But then, why is it you find so many of the really, really horrible Scooby driving types (I in no way wish to impy that applies to the majority of Subaru owners!) in these places?
Satch - I can't get into the link - you've got me intriegued now.

Also U R A BUS is not far off B R A B U S !

Kinky said:
Satch - I can't get into the link - you've got me intriegued now.

Also U R A BUS is not far off B R A B U S !


Link should work, if not just do "Crap Towns" as the search term on Yahoo or Google UK only and look for "The Idler" magazine! Nominations from the public for every crap town! My favourite is for Mirfield, West Yorkshire. I will not spoil it for you.

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