Scrapes on lower bumper - Advice

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Nov 30, 2012
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I managed to go into a dodgy dusty car-park here in Cyprus last summer and managed to scrape my lower bumper on a divot/pot hole. I am since being extra careful over speed-bumps because some are not exactly within normal specifications and avoiding dirt roads and non tarmac car parks etc. There is a larger possibility you will do some damage to your car in Cyprus because people can just open doors on you in car-parks and the roads in certain areas aren't great but if I'm careful I don't think it will happen again.

I had a full bumper and side panel re-spray here two years ago with my previous C Class after someone hit me and the work-shop matched it pretty well and it has a lot of high end cars and a good reputation. About £225 for a bumper respray which is good value for a good job. I know a lot of paint garages want to respray the whole bumper or panel if there's damage.

For the pictures below, what would you suggest:

1) Leave it as it is (It's bothering me slightly because it's a nice car and a shame, but most people won't notice it other than myself)
2) Ask the garage if they will respray both corners and the underside of the bumper. The scrapes follow the bumper style/line so I think you could get away with just spraying along the curve where the scrape is and it will match
3) Let them do a full spray of the bumper

I think option 2 is the best option to reduce the risk of a bad colour match and it doesn't seem to make sense to respray the whole bumper considering where the damage is and the shadow lines of the bodykit.


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Does anyone think it would be a better option to ask them to just repair/respray that lower section on both corners and blend it or let them respray the whole bumper if they want to do that?
Blending itself is pretty difficult, i would either touch it up, or paint the whole bumper.
Blending itself is pretty difficult, i would either touch it up, or paint the whole bumper.

You mean touch it up yourself? Or get the garage to do it? Because it's sort of on the curve and going under I thought it might be easier to blend than usual. It's definitely jagged and rough so touching it up myself will be difficult.

I'l ask the garage but I'm guessing they'll want to respray the whole bumper but it seems like a lot of bumper to spray compared to the location of the damage. The bumper on the CLA is quite big and goes quite high.
I mean i guess best bet now is to get a price of blending vs painting the whole bumper and seeing if the premium is worth it. I have seen some very bad blending, but on my other car, i cant see the blend at all. so garage dependant ! But i will be wary :)
see if they have a portfolio they can show, or on their website?

No such thing. Cyprus haha. I just know they are well recommended and did a previous side panel for me and matched it well.

It's difficult because I have to make a decision between a possible bad colour match of the whole bumper respray vs a bad touch up or blend of just that scrape area.
No decent body would suggest patch painting and blending.

Id be inclined to use a place that does minor dents scuffs and touch it up. Hardly in a place thats noticable.

depends how OCD you are
I would have a go yourself with some touch up paint. Nothing to lose really as you kinda need a touch up stick anyway. If the result still catches your eye in the wrong way then do it properly and get the whole bumper done. If you take your time with the paint stick, some wet and dry and maybe a craft knife to trim the ragged plastic edge you will be able to make it disappear enough I think.

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