Scraping noise

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Mar 3, 2008
Colchester, UK + Köln, Germany
2012 535D F11 Sport (Touring)
As some know, I recently bought myself a 2003 E55. So far very pleased with the car, but I have had some work done on it (to make it "mine").

This included the the front & rear discs replaced. No need for pads as I was told they were brand new (MB Colchester confirmed this).

Anyway, I have noticed that the wheels make a squeling noise when driving at low speed (at higher speed I can no longer hear it). Like something would be leaning against the wheels or perhaps even the brakes. There's no brake force applied from what I can feel.

If I brake, the sound dissapear... :confused:

Dealer has had a look, took of wheels again and just checked over the pads & discs. As always, nothing found.

Any idea of what this could be?

Huge resurrection here I'm afraid, but as it was not answered and I have similar symptoms so it should be ok :)
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Possibly pads vibrating or "singing" against the caliper. Some copper grease on the back does the trick if this is the problem. Also possibly burrs on the disc.

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