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Dec 16, 2015
My CLS 63 AMG W219 model was writen off last weekend whists parked outside my house :-( I am now in search of another car but dont want to lose out on performance and on a budget of 20k. Any recomondations to what cars are around the 500bhp? I have been looking at the S550 w221 but i beleive they are only about 380bhp? HELP!!

Any help is much appreciated, thanks in advance.
Wow mate, what happened to write something like that off.

Iam in a similar position, trying to figure out what next. I don't want to loose the V8 soundtrack just yet.

Im thinking C63 myself, but it would have to be a facelift for me. Cant see them dropping down that low, because of that engine.

You could get a rather nice W211 E63 for 20k although its older.
Sorry to hear of your loss! Gutting :(

Would you not look for another CLS63? As said E63 will tick similar boxes.

Alternatively what about something with the 5.5 supercharged engine? Couple of tweaks and more power the 6.2?!
I dont want a car older than 2007, and I'm open to the option of the 5.5l V8 supercharged but not sure if the S Class S550 limo version 2008 w221 has the power output. I have lost love for the CLS as it was such a personal car with the time and money I put into it so want to start a new project. I will always feel like another CLS will never get to the same standard.
I drove a friends B7 RS4 last week. Really nice car. Sounds good, gearbox useable for a V8, nice interior, handles well and looks amazing. Not as fast as some AMG's but u can have it mapped and prob make 450+ and it's a drivers car.. easily had under 20K with some change for fuel ⛽
I don't see the appeal of the RS4 as there are so many around and up for sale. I don't like the old RS6 shape and the new one is way out of budget
I prefer the V8 soundtrack and I can't afford the better shaped Audi's
You might be able to find the later 500 with the biturbo engine just about in budget. They're 435bhp, pushing 500 with a remap.
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I don't see the appeal of the RS4 as there are so many around and up for sale. I don't like the old RS6 shape and the new one is way out of budget

I felt the same but guess everyone's different. Drive one and see? I'd defo consider one along side the C63. 2 iconic cars which brought RS & AMG back Into the game:thumb:
Both HB & Developer have E63's that they've hinted about replacing. Developer's is E63s estate. Not sure about HB's.

Anyone got a 2010 model E63 to comment on?
Seen some really nice low mileage 5.5 sl kompressers for around £20 k on 07 plates. If you can manage with 2 seats it would make an awesome car
Forget the W221 S500 at 380bhp

It's not what you're looking for at all if the you want the Bits out for the Boys entertainment of an AMG engine. Ditto the AMG engined S Class: which carries the downside of all that weight.

The obvious core question is how many people will be sitting in your car and how often? And what's going on regarding luggage / Grand Touring

From there you can work out whether it's an AMG small coupe, big coupe, 4 door CLS, small saloon, or big saloon.
I just enjoy big cars and I intend on making it into a show car but still want the power and performance. I find the older model SL has a horrible interior. 2010 model E63 is more up my street

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