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Thanks, you put the same link though. Do you have one of those?
I don't see the appeal of the RS4 as there are so many around and up for sale. I don't like the old RS6 shape and the new one is way out of budget

Not to mention the V10 is a nightmare to run. Not that big V8 AMG's don't cost a lot, but a friend bought a C6 last year and sold within 4 months after constantly getting 6-9mpg and it eating through pads and discs like nothing he'd ever seen before (which is something after owning 40+ very fast cars is saying something).
I eat through a set of tyres every year and get 15 ish mpg. Don't know how he gets through discs and pads so quick though
I'd like to think I'm settling for the 2008 model c63 estate. Does anyone know if they make a black series bodykit for it? Also is it on coils or dynamic air suspension?
How about a Jaguar XF-R.
5l Supercharged V8 with more than 500bhp

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