Searching for a good Auto electrician in Nottingham

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Feb 9, 2019
Mercedes B Class 180 CDi 2007
Hi Guys, any suggestions. I have a parasitic battery drain, took it to a friends garage, who seemed to think it was a headlight control unit he did not fill me with any confidence and has no STAR diagnostic tools.
My car is a 2007 B180CDI, no power seats, after market anything, no zenon lights etc, rang a few garages but most unable to help, a couple of mobile auto electricians agreed to look at it but never turned up???
It's on it's second new battery, replaced first battery thinking the battery was knackered. Now disconnecting battery whenever I stop and even if I come back two days later, car will start but if I d not disconnect, car will not start next morning, in fact even the Fob key will not work
Have you spoken to the MB Centre? If they can't do the work themselves, they should be able to recommend someone who can. They do the servicing on my 211 and have found them to be very reliable.
Yes, tried them but they have no bookings until August, I have found someone called Nick Ince, Auto Electrician, to look at it much sooner but although he sounds great, I do not have any recommendations for him
Finally found someone, who tells me the most likely problem is the small battery cable running off the positive battery post, there is a short going to the battery, dealer part but cheap, he stated this is a common problem with the W245? anyone know of this?
Nick managed to trace the battery drain to the phone cradle module and the factory fitted radio, advised there was a draw down of about 0.5 amp, will see over the next few days if all is now good however the headlights are always on regardless of what position the headlight switch is in, i.e whether it's on the O position, on auto or any other position, once ignition is on, headlights are on?? Nick's fee £180
I have looked at the instrument cluster menu and changed the exterior lighting from automatic to manual but still no effect on the headlights??

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