Seat Cable E350 Convertible

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Mar 29, 2021
E350 Convertible
Hello, Would anyone please be able to help me with some advice. I recently purchased an E350 Convertible 2014 Model. To gain access to the rear seats you have to pull a lever on the upper part of the seat to slide and tilt the seat forward and then slide the seat back and lock the seat back into place. On my car it is a complete wrestling match match each time to get the seat back to go back upright. I contacted the independent dealer whom we purchased it from and they inform me that it is a very simple fix for anyone mechanically minded, all that is required is to adjust this cable under the seat. My problem is I have not the first clue how to adjust it. I can find it no problem but dont know how to adjust it. Unfortunately the dealer is close on 200 miles away so I am trying to avoid going back there and incurring a 400 mile round trip. I have searched on Google for no joy, no you tube videos and I am concerned that sooner or later the seat handle is going to snap clean off. Can anyone tell me how to adjust it please. I would be forever grateful. Thank you.

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