SEC Widebody Conversion

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Nov 29, 2002
Nuneaton Warwickshire
Lots of Mercedes!
So after i managed to buy my donor car

I started work immediately.

I now have almost all the parts to do the conversion. The only major thing im struggling with is Lowering Springs... no suppliers in the UK seem to keep springs for cars with self levelling...

I have the full Wide Body Kit & Brand new AMG Pentas specifically for the widebody... (thanks to talbir)

This car has almost all the facory options my blue one has... but the best bit is a very very thick file of history... every mercedes invoice since 1993. A photocopy of log book before every keeper change and a fully stamped up book... Its had a service every year without fail and most have been major ones with plugs etc..

Anyway, back to the topic..

Here is how it looked yesterday am





Then got the tools out




Unfortunately already hit a snag.. The passenger side has all the ASR gubbins there... This means the AMG wing is going to have to have some surgery behind the door shut to make it fit...

The drivers side went on perfectly.

Watch this thread..
I'm looking forward to seeing this project unfold....and not without a little envy! :devil:

Good luck!:rock:
try or for the lowering springs
regarding the self leveling it can be adjusted

What I dont understand is that H&R in the states list a seperate set for vehicles with levelling... so is there something different about the spring?!
i'm not 100% sure but why merc make a car all the same parts except 1 that would be annoying but it would be worth while contacting them and asking what is the difference
What I dont understand is that H&R in the states list a seperate set for vehicles with levelling... so is there something different about the spring?!

It's possibly taller to start with as US cars tend to be.
if it's like the W124s, the rear springs on the self levellers don't take all the weight of the car so you can just adjust the height using the self levelling valve.

Daft question really now you've started to pull it apart but was the car OK for you Jay?
Print the picture out below and put in on the wall, it will remind you that after all the snags and little challenges it WILL be worth it in the end.


Good to hear your cracking in already :)
Started already! Good man, Jay! How long do you expect this project to last?

Will it just be a bodywork conversion, or will you tackle an AMG interior change and some engine upgrades?

Good luck with it. I'm looking forward to more updates! :D

Well done Jay, looks like a cracking project!

Good to see you’re not hanging about :) I’m the same when I get a new project, Talbir is great, I have some bits on the way from him that will be fitted pretty much the moment they arrive :D

You obviously have a compressor could blast the rear arches yourself with a grit gun? I have used one before on small areas anyway. I guess it depends on how bad the surface rust is?
Wow, you dont hang about! Nothing is easy when it comes to modding eh?

How do you plan to get around the ASR guts, are you going to get your hacksaw out?
So many questions... im glad the forum still has members interested in the same cars as me!

-The rear panels would take me forever to sand down.
So just had a convo with

They can do them within a week or two... although expensive, they will come back like new.

- Springs
Talbir says they are softer for SLS as of course the SLS constantly corrects the height and so they need to be softer... I may have to import H&R springs from the USA...

Yes basically, its just the back section of the wing where it meets the A pillar - its too thick and wont flex around the ive bought a small angle grinder... the bodyshop will then have to fabricate something in fibre glass to cover the hole. Priority is getting the kit on and aligned.

Even the tyres have been a nightmare. I have three wholesale suppliers and none of them keep the 245/50/16 & 255/50/16's I need... but i found that keep kumhos in the size i need.... ordered today.

- Interior leather is perfect but I may look at it later on... The only thing I will definately do is the wood as I want it black..

Andy - The car is perfect.. the history really sets the foundations as I know its been lovingly looked after so shouldnt have any mechanical issues.

It has the usual issues such as chrome trim on bumpers and rust under rear
window but these will be tackled as I go along.

Funny thing was the first time I drove it, all the lights lit up on the dash like a christmas tree! The alternator belt had broke when I was testing its power ;) changed all the belts and its perfect now..

Watch this space over next few weeks..

My aim is to get it into paint shop before xmas.
Dropped the rear panels to Surface Processing Dudley today...
Should be back next week..

a quick before pic
tee hee - I know a guy who is very good at mould making.

I think the challenge would be to make them from steel so they could literally be "replacement panels" you welded in.

Not so much use for the front and back spoilers but certainly for the wings

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