Second-hand car dealers shamed by OFT

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Apr 5, 2008
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BBC News - Second-hand car dealers shamed by OFT

A damning verdict on the UK's £24bn second-hand car market has been published by the fair trading watchdog.

One in five of the 3.6 million people buying a second-hand car from a dealer each year experienced a problem, the Office of Fair Trading (OFT) said.

But, following a nine-month study of the market, it decided existing laws were sufficient to clean up the sector.
Very true, I bought an ex demo BMW Z4 M coupe from a BMW dealer over the phone which was discribed as mint and only 2k on the clock! it wasnt and I only took it on as it was a silly price and they promised that my local dealer would sort all the issuses..which took them 3 months by which point id lost all interest in the car and sold it albeit for 2.5k more than I paid for it! but still not an experience that id wish to repeat!.

...well untill I bought my E55 again from a dealer but an independant one and upon driving it home all sorts of warning lights came up and the supercharger kept cutting out needless to say it needed over a thousand pounds worth of work doing to it but to the dealers credit he paid my local Merc dealer to fix it, however this was only because the warranty company (I paid extra for a years worth) quite rightly turned down my claim saying that the car was quite obviously faulty when I collected it.

Which bring me on to the fact that a lot of dealers are letting cars be sold and to drive off their forecourts knowing dame well that they have numerious faults and then relying on either the Manufactures or their mickey mouse in house warranties to sort it out without costing them a penny.

There are good dealers out there apparently but im yet to find one

Nuff said,other than the best cars that I have ever bought have been well loved, enthusiast owned and privately owned!

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