Seems hella cheap to me... W203 Coupe

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I dunno, they do seem cheaper, when I was looking before I bought my BM, I was looking at these, and CLK's, and the C Class saloons and some were around £5k for en earlier one so 8 or 9 might not be too off the mark?
I paid £10K for my C180K only 4 months ago. They were going for £10500+ back then with quite high mileage. I got a little lucky with mine, was first one to view it and buy it.

Good price though, nice car. What is a C160 like to drive? Seems like it would be quite slow as mine is no rocket.
The 160s are the base engine & as such the cheapest of the bunch
I've seen a couple of C160's - when you spot one the C160 badge is quite noticeable as it looks wrong, although this one is debadged anyway.

I guess the 65K mileage on a 2.5yr old car would kill most people's interest - private buyers are very mileage sensitive.

This car would still have 6mths warranty which is surely a major selling point yet she hasn't mentioned it, and has even blanked the warranty section in the description.
I should imagine it would be not very nippy at all, especially combined with an auto box.
I think the sports pack might be a bit lost on it, although obviously improves the appearance!

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