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Apr 7, 2012
c class estate
:wallbash: Having problems trying to find out how to replace a seat motor on the electric passenger side seat. I have an 03 c220 cdi estate. Every time the backrest button is pressed it blows the fuse in the boot. I don't really know the cause of the problem for this shorting out but am guessing it is a motor fault? Could be the switch unit? Possibly a damaged wire? Can anyone help? I need to find some instructions on how to remove the seat and change the motor? Can I use an E-class switch unit as a replacement? Gosh so many questions and no answers.

I took the car to a Mercedes offshoot garage and they have tried twice 2 whole bloody days to fix it (so they said) now I am being told it could be the switch or the motor? Useless gits. I could and will do a better (and cheaper) job myself with a little help from my friends out on this site. I saved myself a fortune when I asked for help on this site last time and all it took was one line from a very nice person.

So please help with a bit of info and I will put the full instructions on here once I complete the job to help others. Cheers Friends
It will be the wiring under the seat shorting to the frame. Common problem.
Take the seat back off and follow the loom until it goes round the metal frame, the wire will be chaffed.
Hope this helps. Once the seat is removed it will be easier to inspect the wiring for any chaffing.
No instructions on removal of the motor/s or the seat backrest I'm afraid, but hope that will be self evident when you have the seat out of the car.




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