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Discussion in 'Parts, Maintenance & Servicing' started by engtechst, Apr 8, 2014.

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    My E 350 CGi Cabriolet was 4 years old in Mar 14, I took out a service plan in Nov 13 with the dealer and was told that it would cover 3 major services and any extra item would be carried out at the nearest relevant service.

    My first service under the plan (B service) was carried out in Jan13, and I noticed that the Air Filter, Plugs and Brake Fluid were not replaced, I checked with the dealer and was told that the electronic service plan did not show it was due at the time, so would have to wait until the next service Jan/Feb15.

    This feels wrong on several points;

    Firstly the dealer said that the specific items would be replaced at the nearest service,

    Secondly, the plugs and Air Filter are 4 years old and will be five years old before they are replaced

    Thirdly, if it is recommend that brake fluid is replaced every two years, how can it be OK to wait 3 years to replace it.

    Fourthly, I took the car in yesterday for replacement front pads and discs, and said that I expected them to catch up on the items, which they didn't do even though the Electronic Service plan now shows that they are due.

    Should I be be less of a push over and insist that the items are replaced?

    The problems seems to be that the car is low mileage so servicing is triggered by the date anniversary of registration and that a previous owner had the car serviced in Dec 12 before selling the car, which means that the servicing is not in sync with the 4 years since registration.
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    I assume you meant to write "My first service under the plan (B service) was carried out in Jan14"

    I think you should argue the points you mentioned. I agree with your assessments on all counts. The service replacements are documented as being required at EVERY two or three years, not AFTER two or three years. If they didn't even do the replacements at your recent visit, they're taking the proverbial urine. Go back to them and insist that they either do all the work that the schedule says should be done by now, or provide written MB UK assurance that the warranty will not be invalidated in any way by the additional operations being carried out significantly later than the intervals stated in the service schedule.
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