Service interval reminder - change it?

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Sep 2, 2008
E300DT-W210-1997-Elegance-Azurite Metalic Blue. (Don't mention the rust, LOL) Running on WVO. 65k m
Is it possible to change the reminder from, I think it is now 12000 miles, to say, 5000 miles. On the dash or with STAR?
I change my engine oil every 5000 miles.
I do all other maintenance my self.
Is there not a way through the dash menus into a background service menu to change the type of oil that has been put in so that it alters the service indicator trigger mileage to a lower level? Otherwise i reckon just reseting your normal milometer so that when it hits 5k miles you know to change the oil.

The indicator isnt just for oil remember as there are other things that get done at specifics services (ie A service and B services).
I think most modern oils that are fully syn are ok to cover 12-15,000 miles these days without changing every 5k

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