Servicing questions for a 300CE 91


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Aug 13, 2011
300 CE
Hello all. I am looking to get my 300CE serviced and as i do have some mechanical know how i wish to carry out the service by myself. I just have a few questions and was wondering if anyone give me any insight into them as this is my first Mercedes Benz;

1) Where is the fuel filter located?
2) How many litres of oil does the car take.
3) GSF car parts recommend that i use 10w 40 in my car, will this be better than 15w 40 or lower?
4) I've been told that the coolant in the radiator is not taken from the main coolant tank, if so how can i drain the radiator and which coolant shall i use, red or blue?
5) While i'm under the car should there be anything i should look out for that wears over time?

BTW the car has done 185000 on the clock and i dont have and know the service history of the car. This thread is also posted in the engine section also.
Thanks all :thumb:


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Aug 29, 2009
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If you're planning to service the car yourself, a good start would be to get a Haynes manual for the W124. Plenty around on eBay. They're not great for some of the complicated work, which I would always entrust to a recommended specialist, but for for servicing work they are very useful. The 300CE is a good introduction to Mercedes. Generally pretty easy to work on.

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