Set of 4 Cruize 190 20" alloys for sale

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Dec 27, 2020
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Well I think this is probably the wrong forum for these, but here goes anyway! These were on my S600 when I bought it, but not my taste. They've literally only covered a few hundred miles. Can be sold with or without tyres. Please make me a sensible offer if interested.

I'm selling the set of Cruize 190 alloy wheels from my Mercedes S600, as shown in the photos. I only had them on the car for a couple of hundred miles but have changed them for other wheels, purely as I preferred a different look. There is nothing wrong with them and they are in excellent condition, reflecting the fact that they're barely used.

Details are as below.

Fronts: Cruize 190 8.5x20 5x112 et32 x 2, with Michelin Pilot Sport 4S tyres with lots of tread left (225/35 ZR 20 (90Y))

Rears: Cruize 190 10.0x20 5x122 et35 x 2, with 255/35 R20 97W XL Enri U08 tyres with plenty of tread

Wheel bolts included.

Wheels alone were bought for about £800 a couple of months ago.

Cash on collection preferable from PE12. Otherwise I'm happy to ship these (or deliver in person if you are reasonably close).20230608_183030.jpgPXL_20230626_173008897.jpgPXL_20230626_173013616.jpgPXL_20230626_173020432.jpg20230608_183030.jpgPXL_20230626_173008897.jpgPXL_20230626_173013616.jpgPXL_20230626_173020432.jpgPXL_20230626_173024799.jpgPXL_20230626_173036802.jpgPXL_20230626_173041320.jpgPXL_20230626_173047039.jpgPXL_20230626_173053693.jpgPXL_20230730_113950823.jpgPXL_20230730_114009740.jpgPXL_20230730_114031077.jpgPXL_20230730_114033939.jpgPXL_20230626_173024799.jpgPXL_20230626_173036802.jpgPXL_20230626_173041320.jpgPXL_20230626_173047039.jpgPXL_20230626_173053693.jpgPXL_20230730_113950823.jpgPXL_20230730_114009740.jpgPXL_20230730_114031077.jpgPXL_20230730_114033939.jpg
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Sorry, looks like I got a bit carried away with the photos!

I can add tyre tread depths if anyone is interested.

Surely everyone needs 20" gold rims on their Merc 🤷

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