Shell petrol worth £20 for £10


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Oct 18, 2011
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This is a promo to get drivers to sign up for a Shell loyalty points card. They are selling you a card pre- loaded with 4000 points, which if when you register it online and opt for Shell Fuel vouchers as your preferred reward, at the end of the quarter (30th June, or 31st Sept if not registered in time for next quarter end) will result in a £20 fuel voucher being received in the post. I have used a Shell loyalty card for some time now, and you get double ( 2 points per litre) for buying V-power. It works out I get about 4p per litre off my overall fuel spend by using their loyalty scheme spending about £80 per week on V Power.

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Aug 7, 2005
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The loyalty card is pretty decent, as mentioned you get double points for V Power but they run special 'bonus point' schemes fairly regularly for example:

1st fill in the month (any fuel) gets 10 extra bonus points
2nd gets 25
3rd gets 50
4th gets 100
5th gets 250

or whatever.

Each 'fill' has to be at least 35 litres - the Vito has a 75 litre tank, so I do that in two visits :D ;) :thumb:

I don't do huge mileage but every now and then we turn the points into a £20 voucher for the shop of our choice - better than nothing! The price of the standard fuel is normally the same as the Sainsburys down the road.

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