Shell V power money off vouchers

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Jun 22, 2009
Aberdeen, Scotland
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Just curious, try to use shell fuel as much as possible, v-power and member of drivers club where my choice is money off vouchers. Not received any since September last year. Was supposed to get some this month and again nothing. Anyone else been missing them or have mine gone missing in my redirected mail?
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Have you got the app so you can keep an eye on what points you have?
They are normally quarterly or just after this period, I only got mine from the last period of last year around a month or so ago

It's also dated back to then so it's not as much as you think, wish they dated it from beginning date to what the total balance was upto the day the send it out! I'd be quids in, lol
Yes, they have added more points for the ones missed around December but said I should receive some early April. Again nothing.
They'll come

One thing to mention, which I'm gutted as I've missed out on about 900 points... Is once a month they have bonus promotions, say, 100 just for filling up using any shell fuel- except you need to 'activate' it on the app :doh: Only found these the other night

Well worth getting the app, especially for station locator
The station locator is an absolute must have!!!!

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