Should I change my s class???

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Oct 12, 2014
2008 S Class
Hi all

New to the forum and looking for some owner advice

My pride and joy is my 2008 s class with some amg bits. Love it

However, I've seen recent deprecitation in the cl class of the same year and have stumbled across a beauty. So my question is, does anyone have any ownership experience of the cl to give me an idea of what to do?

Mpg im not mithered about

Look forward to any info


Hi Kev,

over on the other channel, a member called Television has a wealth of CL knowledge

although i drove a 14 plate S350 blutec today, and wow, what a luxurious and capable motor it is :)
I would go for a CL over an S class unless rear access was an issue.

If the emissions were a bit lower I would have one in a heartbeat.
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S class coupe now according to MB marketing spiel, which should make the s/h prices of 216/215 even more attractive

anyway, when are you getting this tesla???
...and, the new range has a 65g CO2, 0%RFL and 5%BIK attracting S500 plug-in hybrid AMG line L, all for a reasonable £87,965 OTR rec. list
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That's not too bad at £87.9k but does it have a spare tyre?
i never checked, but unlikely; runflats/can of foam
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I've owned both an S-Class and a CL and would choose the CL in the blink of an eye; truly great cars.

If I didn't need five seats I would definely own one.
there may be an argument that if you can afford a CL, the chattels/livestock can be ferried by taxi!
Where are you selling the S Class ?
As a new(ish) CL owner, I test drove both the W221 S Class and the C216 CL and for me it was a complete no brainer to go for the CL.

I wanted all of the comfort and toys of an S but I don't need easy access to the back seats, nor do I care too much about anyone sitting in the back (though it isn't too bad for most people, and the back seats are very comfortable). Plus the CL just looks incredible and there are so few on the roads, it is a real head turner at times!

If you have found a real gem with some good options, full service history with receipts and a couple of careful owners then I would jump for that.
Apologies, I only saw the reply and then looked at the posts but not the date :doh:

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