Side/Parking lamps error

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Dave Richardson

MB Enthusiast
Oct 14, 2007
Plymstock Plymouth
W176 A class 180 cdi
I have a W176 A class which was fitted with the older halogen bulbs that were pretty useless, 2 years ago I upgraded to the Nightbreaker bulbs which were ok ( fortunately a work colleague with small hands was able to change the main beam bulb from the standing position without removing the grill or headlight unit).

The main beam H15 bulb works the main beam, drl & the drl is dimmed to act as a parking light.

I have fitted an LED canbus error free bulb to the dipped beam & spot on no problems.

My now ex work colleague friend again came to my help & fitted a H15 LED canbus free bulb to the main beam headlight, now the main beam & drl work fine with an error, however, the side /parking lights on both sides show as error & the dip beam bulb comes on if the dashboard switch is turned to parking.

I'm wondering if I located the side light feed wire at the plug & fitted a load resistor if that would overcome the side/parking light error.

Any thoughts gentlemen?????


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