Silver, black or....................

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Fire Opal Red:

God i love it :bannana: Any thoughts?

(although not quite the same on a C180)

Our SLK is amber red, not my first choice but not boring silver or black and the black and ivory seats look good with the red.

I reckon some cars look good in bolder colours where others only look right in silver/black.
To my eye saloons should be muted but more sporty cars can get away with red. I'm not keen on 'doom blue' on any car but lighter blues look great - tealight blue and iolinth for example look great on an E class or CLK.

If you like it go for it!
Fire Opal Red:

God i love it :bannana: Any thoughts?

(although not quite the same on a C180)
If you like it and can afford to run the car, then go for it, just remember these cars need spoiling.

Who cares what others might think and I take my hat off to anyone that does not buy a car because of what others might think.

Good luck

Red is not a colour that reacts well to sunlight. It fades quite rapidly unless tended well and often, and as such, its not a colour I would personally ever choose for any car.
I agree with lewyboy that the more sporty cars look good in a bold colour like red. Ferrari obviously springs to mind. TVR Griffiths look stunning in dark red as does the MGTF.
I remain to be convinced that it suits an SLK. I think it would look good in an off-white, like either old english white or even a very pale gold.
Go for it! as 'tiny' above says just look after the paintwork.
Sadly i'm day dreaming:( WAY out of my league, just never seen one that colour before.........

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