Single wiper disassembled

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Jan 25, 2005
Vancouver Island, Canada
I've got a 1988 - 2.5 - 190D with 440,000 Km. (No, no engine work done yet)Recently, after 16 years of uninterrupted and faithfull service, my single wiper slowed down and eventually came to a complete stop, so I decided to take it apart.

Searching the Internet for advise, this forum came up in which the dis-assembly and servicing of the inner workings of a single wiper system was covered. However, in my case the wiper system was significantly older and thus different from the one shown in the thread. If my example may serve as a measure, it will take some 16 years before a Mercedes single wiper gives up. Therefore I thought the following information may be useful for those who still enjoy driving one of those magnificent older Mercedes...

Step one: Take the whole wiper assembly out. For accessing the system, the grill under the front windshield has to come off. It is held by 2 scews and 2 pop-in pins. Memorise how the parts were fit together. (make a picture). The wiper assembly is held by 5 screws and a little support arm. The wiper motor and drive-arm are best separated before trying to take the assembly out. The drive arm can be pulled off by hand.
(Be sure to mark axles and moving parts with some scratches to remember the positions they were in before taking them off).

Step 2: Turn the assembly upside down and locate the axle coming out of the housing. Take off the nut and the arm assembly that force the wiper up-and-down. DON'T forget to mark the position they were in before taking them off.

Step 3: Locate the catch in the groove on the axle. Push the catch off the axle with 2 screwdrivers or similar. Also take off "O" ring and filler rings. Lay them out in sequence so you can remember how-the-heck they are to be re-assembled. ;)

Step 4: Turn the base plate (with the axle) so that the wiper sits 90 degrees up. Now pull and wiggle to separate the base plate from the wiper.

Step 5: Undo the 5 small screws on the bottom of the wiper. The 4 bigger screws hold the inner workings together. The cover comes off and you're ready for the cleaning job.

Step 6: Re-assemble. It's easy to mistake the correct direction of the drive arm. Test this by switching the wiper on intermittent and quickly turn the ignition on and off. Take the wiperblade off before testing.


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DJB said:
I would like to add some pictures but I haven't figured out yet how to diminish the size of the picture file(s) to fit the upload requirements. As soon as I do, I will upload the picture(s).

If you are looking to batch convert say some large BMPs from a digital camera to more net friendly 100k JPGs then have a look on google for Irfanview (it's a free image manipulation program).

16 years is a long time!!!
Also if you wanted you could download a copy of paintshop pro from a torrent site and do it that way,either way its up to you :D

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