Sketch portraits for Avatars

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Jan 21, 2005
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Another thread just reminded me that a while back a group of regulars adopted a Muppets character, and used them as their MBClub avatar. It got me thinking...

Here's the idea:

For a bit of fun, ask a friend or family member to sketch a portrait of you and upload it as your avatar.

Here's the incentive:

In a few weeks time, we'll have nominations and vote for the MBClub 'favourite' sketched avatar.

In true "British" community spirit - think Harvest Festival or School Raffle - the winner will receive a hamper made up of donated gifts from MBClub members. Of course easy to post, cheesy and funny items are especially welcome.

Here's the extra bit:

It would be nice if we could raise some money for charity along the way. Perhaps entrants could make an optional donation to charity - the NSPCC or other children's charity might make a good choice at this time of year. I'll look into how we might do that.

Here are the rules:

  1. The sketched avatar must relate to the member who will use it.
  2. The avatar does not have to be a pencil sketch: creative-types can do fancy stuff with 'puters if they choose, or even oils or watercolours. Any source medium is acceptable, but must be made into an uploadable file.
  3. 'Straight from the camera' photos are not allowed, but a photo doctored in some way for comedy value is of course welcomed.
  4. Favourite does not mean best likeness, it's just err, the most popular in a 'I'm a Pop Idol Get Me Out of Here' vote.
  5. Members must use their sketched avatar at least until the winner is announced.

What are you waiting for? Start sketching!!
Spooky. I was only just thinking of posting "just me then" on this very thread!! :D

Ain't No Sunshine is probably the most played track on th iPod in my car at the moment.
I think I'll stick with my current avatar, she's nicer to look at than I am. :D
Slightly off thread & topic, but still connected :dk: Ringway has a certain Album cover as his Avatar.

I spotted this the other day, which I thought may "amuse" him :eek: it did me !


Not a sketch & sorry for the intrusion !
Here's one of me, drawn in the summer. Not sure if it's clear enough but was drawn in Manga style.
I can see it fine on my screen

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