Sky TV in Canada?

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I was wondering if anyone knew whether its possible to configure a satellite dish in Canada to work with a UK or North American receiver to receive UK Sky tv programmes - even if its just the free to view channels . e currenty use a sling box connected to our sky box in the Uk but the time wil soon come when we will be cancelling the UK sky subscription. any advice gratefully received, thanks ...

Think you'll find that you cannot receive Sky in North America simply because you are outside the footprint for the satellite regardless of how big a dish you would use!

You will probably have to rely on iPlayer etc to watch various programmes and if you want sport, Setanta does a pretty good package.
I think the Sky signal only reaches most (some parts?) of Europe you'll need a means to send it via a host to that side of the world, eg sling box as you already are aware
Hey ho, thanks chaps - I thought as much but worth an ask. Its mrs Bcs that likes her corrie. we can use iplayer but have to subscribe to a Uk ip address service as the i player & similar services are only licensed to the Uk apparanty

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