SL 500 Odd noises once switched off

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Sep 26, 2014
Hi everyone, ive bought myself an 04 SL 500, nice spec car and just in the last month had the ABC pump replaced so felt confident about the car.

Ive now noticed that when I switch the car off a metallic clicking/pinging noise coming from the N/S from wheel area, at first I thought it was the exhaust cooling but its most definatly not that, its quite loud and people are noticing it, even if I start it and switch it off 10 seconds later it does it, any suggestions? The ABC seems to work fine, it raises and lowers fine, but I do feel its suspension related....
The cars go through a fairly lengthy ''shut down'' procedure including the sbc which can be noisy but the sbc is off side so your noises are......???????.....

Yep, they are defintaly coming from the nearside front area, its like a metallic tinging noise, and its quite loud but only happens when its turned off:dk:
Feel the wheels for temperature. A dragging brake might make things very hot.
I don't think its the brakes as it happens even if the car hasn't moved, if you start it and run for say 10 seconds when its switched off its starts making the noise.

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