SL 55 AMG Two strange electrical issues for diagnosis - video shows issues

Discussion in 'Engine' started by laurensparsons, Mar 31, 2014.

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    Feb 19, 2011
    Hello, I am having some issues with an 2006 Sl 55 with 22k miles, not been driven much this year, only a few miles,

    Basically there are two issues that i think are likely linked;

    1. First issue is in manual gear mode, you have very little control over the gearbox, it sometimes lets you change gear but this is sporadic and it drives just as if its in 'S'

    2. After a quick burst of power and breaking, 'esp inoperative' shows up on the dash and the cars goes into limp mode with irratic idle until you restart then the problems fixed, Video of the fault is linked here(turn volume up)

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    More detailed explanation found here:

    1. Manual gear control does not appear to be functioning properly, generally the car overrides your manual selection, this appears to be sum what intermittent and unpredictable, (please test drive) the paddle shifts seems to be worse than the gear nob selector, initially i thought that this was just the characteristic of the vehicle however after reading the brochure, i believe that when in manual ‘M’ mode the car should not perform its own gear changes at all, please let me know what you feel?

    2. After very hard high rpm, low gear, full throttle acceleration , then immediately after heavy breaking the ‘ESP inoperative’ warning appear on dash (please test drive) - the engine then looses nearly all its power and the throttle appears to do very little, even full throttle will only cause the car to creep along at 15mph, engine idle with no foot on accelerator also flutters around highly at around 1500rpm and a slight gradual depression upon accelerator will infact cause the revs to drop slightly however the engine is very unstable and flutters up and down a wide tolerance of a few hundred rpm, one time the engine management light came on during this event and stayed lit afterwards for quite some time even after restart, however an engine restart will always immediately remedy the problem and remove the ‘ESP inoperative’ warning on dash and return the engine to its normally idle rpm, but for about a minute after restart the engine still lacks most of its power say its only has about 30% power after the restart, but this soon returns to normal. The last time strangely the 'bonnet up’ warning flashed up on the dash whilst in hard acceleration at high rpm, then quickly disappeared, its like the computer electrical system goes mad under hard acceleration or breaking, (Please see video i took which shows this issue,Fast, Free Video Hosting & Video Sharing - VideoBam
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