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The other thing to be aware of is that some carriers charge a handling fee if they pay vat or duty on your behalf. Happened to me with UPS.

I think most of them do this (usually a fixed charge, regardless of the consignment value).

The latest thing I've run into was a vendor based in Italy insisting that I provide a UK EORI (Economic Operators Registration and Identification) number, despite UK Govt. stating that this is not required when ordering goods for personal use only:

I also had to sign a form appointing the nominated UK freight company (based at Heathrow) to carry out customs brokerage activities on my behalf.

No additional costs involved in this ... just additional time & hassle, and not something I've had to do before.
Without wishing to hijack this owners thread, I have a pair of R231 rear lights for sale, excellent condition off my 2013 pre-face-lift vehicle.
Check the parts classified forum.

Kind regards Matt.
Sold - pending
Recent purchase SV12 Brabus 640 hp 1029 nm.Are there anymore on here ?


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That looks amazing, tell us more about the car?

Hi Kc
not much to tell, she is the 2005 facelift model 59k miles and 2 previous owners in 17 years
i have just had all four discs and pads replaced, everything works as it should.
the last SL 350 I had was in 04 which I bought new but needed the kids seats in the back so changed for a XK
i had forgotten what a good car the SL 350 is.
so far very pleased and good value for money
Would love to see it in the flesh, are you going to the SL day at Kentwell Hall 1st Oct??

Picked this up earlier in the year


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The number of SL's threads seem to be growing so I thought I would start an owners register. Member, Model, notes/mods
1. Acej - SL63 R231 tuning box 628BHP 840NM
2. JRH30 - SL55 R230 LSD, lowering module, Cats/Res Del, remap/pulley to come.
3. sl55plymouth - SL55 r230, Lsd.
4. Reflex-boy-SL500 R230, roof module,3M carbon wrapped interior wood
5. SL350_swindon - SL350 R230, roof module, 19" AMG VII (SL63 triple spokes)
6. Jules 335 SL500 R231
7. Liquid Silver SL500 R231

1. Jamesbond007 - 300SL r107 1989
2. JRH30 - SL55 R230 LSD, lowering module, Cats/Res Del, remap/pulley, 19" AMG IVs, EC Heat Exchanger
3. sl55plymouth - SL55 r230, Lsd.
4. Reflex-boy-SL500 R230, roof module,3M carbon wrapped interior wood
5. SL350_swindon - SL350 R230, roof module, 19" AMG VII (SL63 triple spokes)
6. glboy - 2011 SL350 sport, obsidian black, black with silver stitching, most extras ticked apart from camera, vent seats & radar disc control
7. Liquid Silver SL500 R231 and 1989 R107 300 SL, 1992 r129 SL 500. 1965 W113 Pagoda 230SL,
8. Ten elena SL500 R129, 18" AMG II
9. Aitch55 - SL55 R230
10. cb1965 - SL55 R230
11. BTB 500 - SL500 R129, staggered 18" AMG I, resonator delete, sports cats, AMG rear box
12. IanA2 SL60
13. sssammm 2009 Black SL63
14. Biglee - 1990 SL500 r129 18" AMG alloys and being fettled a bit.
15. RattlerRattler - 2007 SL55, lowering module, cats / resonator delete, spoiler, diffuser(coming)
16. Peter T - 2009 SL350 in silver
17. Mars1960 - 2003 SL55, Brabus wheels, ART carbon boot lip spoiler, factory tinted windows, tuned by Acid at MSL using EC heat exchanger, EC 180mm crank pulley, EC remap and a fab-tech cold air intake system.
18. epervier- '98 SL500 129.
19. 230K 1999 SL500 R129 silver, pano roof.
20. Lordlee - r230 SL500 jasper blue
21. Jackg SL55 F1 perf pack silver/ black
22. Ronam2012: SL55 2003
23 Gouki - 2002 sl55
24 ctr55 sl55 2003
25. Watchcame430 1994 Imperial Red / mushroom SL500 R129 - standard car
26. Druk: 1981 R107. Fitted with OM606 300 turbodiesel/ Getrag dogleg box, full hide interior. And lots of other things that took my fancy.
27. sl5001991chris - SL500 standard car metallic blue mushroom trim
28. Dave_Bax - 2004 SL350, Jasper Blue, 18" AMG alloys
29. Richard - 2004 SL55 R230, 19" AMG IV 2-piece wheels, MY2009 NTG2.5, DAB, TV, Media Interface, Comfort Phone, HK
30. SL300-24 1984 R107 500SL 16" AMG Pentas, Air-con, Cruise, rear seats, Black Leather
31.Brabus 2003 SL55 K8 (R230) 665 BHP 650 lb-ft torque
32.u brain - 2004 SL65 AMG
33. Sp!ke - SL500, R129, 1999, OZ AMG Splitties, lowered, modified but stock looking exhaust.
34. cbr1100xx -SL 500 2002 silver and standard except for 18 inch AMG alloys, first SL for me
35. TheGrocer John - SL500 on 04
36. Spudulika sl280
37. Leekade - 2005 SL350 r230 MSL remap, sprint booster, decat, sports exhaust
38. MichaelSB 300SL 1987 R107 Unrestored from new Malvern
39. Rusty55 1997 SL320
40. Mat8n 2003 r230 SL350 black
41. Streetsupercars: 500SL 1990 87th RHD R129 produced, Astral Silver/ black leather, 500SL 1993 K - Nautic
42. Jeff666 - Obsidian black 06 SL55 - extra weight due to excessive wax!!
43. Thehouseofbrown- 1996 SL320 (R129) Azurite Blue with Mushroom int. My daily driver.
44. Stevenjd - SL63 r231 white.
45. SL55mate - SL55 R230 black with F1 pp
46. Buster651 - SL500 R129 1992
47. MarkyC71 300SL -24 R129 Red
48. Lagerlout - R231 SL63 Designo Magno Alanite Grey
49. harryk 1999 R129 SL500 Blk/blk/ AMG 18"
50. Chris16- SL55 (R230)
51. yawner - SL350 R230 2005 Black - just bought it with only 28k miles
52. Essel - SL55 AMG V8 Kompressor, Topas Blue
53. Fast28 - R129 "SL550", AMG 55 engine, yr2000, AMG 18" monoblocks, primary cat delete, Obsidian black with pano roof
54. F1JPK-R230-2010-SL600, Widebody kit, Carlsson 20"U/L, Brembo BBK (405mm/380mm), Eurocharged ECU/TCU, Speedriven I/C and H/E, Quaife LSD, Lowering links, Sprint booster, Lithium batteries, 7"Alpine Carplay, Roof module, 3" downpipes, R231 amg exaust tips
55. MicB R230 2003 Brilliant silver, grey interior/black ash
56. Donmatter R107 300SL Nautic blue/Grey leather.
57. B1RMA. R230 SL63 PP and a few other extras
58. Giantvanman R230 SL350 Iridium silver on 61 plate
59. Searush, R107, 380SL V8 1982 pale green with brown half MB-tex interior. on private "non-date" plate.
60. Noahrg, r107, 300 sl, 1989, sky blue, pale blue half mb tex interior.
61. SLAMG r230 2005 dms stage 2, sl55, delimited, lowered, freeflow exhaust and pulleys upgrade. unverified 600+bhp on SL55 plate
62. Toledo, r107, 380 sl, 1980, Gold, Black MB tex interior.
63. JCW1 1993 R129 SL500 Silver/Grey. Stock apart from 18" AMG Monos.
64. drivebyabuser R129 my2000 SL500 Silver Sprint Booster fitted
65. S477ANL, R230 SL55 AMG 2004, Black. No modifications yet but in progress.
66. evomarkja - R231 SL63 - 19/20 Silver 10 Spoke, CCB
67. KevinN R129 SL320 1997 Azurite Blue, grey leather, standard set up. 89,000m
68. Dog Mercedes 300sl 1992 78,000 on 18" rims
69. Rajinder_1 - 2001 SL320 Designo Mystic Blue Ltd Edition- all standard
70. Toddy2 r129 SL320 2000
71. JFM R129 SL500 with 76k miles BVlack opel, mushroom interior Pan roof AMG 18" mono Block
72. RajHundal - 1999 R129 SL320, Silver, AMG bodykit, 2 piece AMG splits (9.5J rears), H&R lowering springs, pano roof
73, 5439 - 2007 SL55 AMG P30 Performance Pack, Silver/Black 38k miles.
74. Lee B 99 SL320 R129 Magic
75. cfoster - 2003 R230 SL55 AMG - Obsidian black, pano roof, alpaca leather, decat, l/links
76. Virgovirgo71. SL R230 Brabus B11. Brilliant silver 20inch Brabus alloys piano black,10.5j rear 9.5j front. Quad tip stamped unrestricted exhaust. De-chromed decals dark grey interior black ash wood.
77. Big Janner - R230 SL500 Silver, CKS chrome trims
78. Burtonization23 - 2007 R230 SL 350 in Tellurite Silver with potentially the most miles (140k) and very mint inside and out and underneath.
79. Alabbasi - 1971 280SL California Coupe silver / blue leather euro car
80. Alabbasi - 1980 450SLC 5.0 inca red / brown leather
81. Alabbasi - 1980 350SLC (parts car for the 026 car above)
82. Alabbasi - 1982 280SL 5 speed manual silver / blue leaher
83. Alabbasi - 1984 500SL signal red / tan leahr
84. Alabbasi - 1990 300SL 5 speed manual silver blue / tan leather
85. Alabbasi - 1992 300SL auto (parts car for the 1990)
86. Alabbasi - 1996 SL320 (parts car)
87. Alabbasi - 1998 SL500 black/black leather
88. Alabbasi - 2005 SL55K silver / red leather
89. Y15HAL - 1998 SL500 Azurite Blue - standard (for the moment) :)
90. jonjen6 - 2017 SL400 Hyacinth Red standard
I’m thinking of a stage 1 tune on my 2006 SL55. I’m considering either MSL or DMS. Has anyone had experience of both tuners and could recommend one over the other?

How is the map installed on the car? Is it flashed into the ECU? Is there a danger it can be lost during servicing?

What are the likely effects on insurance? I’m currently insured with LV. Will they insure a lightly tuned car without charging a ridiculous premium? Any recommendations for insurance?

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