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R230 ??

Advert says the are from a E class.
Is this really a good price?
Where else could i look for the same set? (I am in the S/E.)
They would look great on a W202...
400 quid is a very good price for these.... 8.5x18 and 9.5x18 is a hard size to come by that will fit SL,E,C,CLK...

Sorry Bald Guy, i thought you had put up a EBay advert but not your own:eek:.
I did not mean to question your price:).

If you was in the S/E i would have bought them off you at the W/E.
Would these fit a W203? I have 245's on the rear of the C32 but these would look better!
Yes they would... Tudu has just bought a set for his C55... I think 265 rears is the largest tyre you can go...

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