SL R230 Folding Roof - Droopy Flaps

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Jul 15, 2013
Never thought I'd post to say I have droopy flaps but sadly I do and I need help quick please!!

The issue is that the folding roof on my 57 reg SL350 (R230 model) stops mid cycle due to the flaps either side drooping down and the microswitches not staying on.

I've looked around online and it seems to be a fairly common problem with a repair kit available in the US. Does anyone know where I can obtain one in the UK please.

Many thanks for your help
Mine is the same year and model and now find myself with a roof that doesn't work..i think due to the paddles. I found a link in here a few days ago with advice on repair but can't find it at present ...gona have a look on you tube as I think thats where I found the info originally. Good luck !
They are available from Mercedes dealer - shown in EPCnet. Get extra clips for the carpet/panel that attaches to the boot lid as you'll break many of them. I can't remember if you need to order one or two repair kits.

However, if it is too worn, then the repair kit won't work.

Please be careful as you need the roof in a certain position and really you should have the locking bar tool (expensive) that holds it all in place whilst you work on it

Seamless thread revival.
Hi Just an update! My drooping paddles have now been fixed by MB ! I got convertible envy which is inevitable given the recent good weather and couldn't wait any longer to get the problem sorted ;-)
Just to warn you...MB technicians advised that they do a full replacement not a fix as indicated in a video you'll find online ! Problem fixed at a total cost of £700. Im happy, cos I now get my top down whenever. Nothing worse than having a good convertible and not being able to drop the top ;-) enjoy your motoring.

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