SL R230 Removing wood trim centre console ?.

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Feb 14, 2018
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I intend fitting a twin USB charge point in place of my cigarette lighter and fabricate an I phone holder in place of the ashtray.
Has anyone ever removed the wood trim on the centre console to gain access ?

I started to do this and it appears the wood trim (on a thin plywood base) is stuck down.
I’ve managed with some effort to dislodge it at the rear just behind the roof switch but I’m frightened to apply too much pressure where it curves adjacent to the ashtray.

My car has only done 9500 miles so I don’t think it will have been “ molested”
I’ve removed wooden trim on many cars over the years and basically they’ve just popped out of place
If you search you tube for R230 radio/comand removal there are some good videos that explain how to remove the trim.
Not done it myself but I believe you need to unclip the side panels first which reveals a number of screws that hold the wood trim in place.
It’s not often I get stuck but thanks to an excellent post on MB fully illustrated with photos I managed to remove the trim in a few minutes.
I hadn’t realised the side panels just unclip, they looked like they were part of the centre console.
With the side trims off you remove 6 long screws, 3 either side which secure the wood trim. It is also clipped in along the top. Hardest part was unclipping the various wiring connectors especially the cigarette lighter.

I will have to leave it until tomorrow to continue my Mod.

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